Seven Weeks to Precalculus: Day 1 – Quadratic Equations

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A day’s notes from a precalculus class

Dean Kamen demonstrates the Luke Arm on The Colbert Report

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I came across this image on posted by redditor freeall. I decided to write the music up in Sibelius for the world to hear. Click to listen: notesex Needless to say, it’s not the sexiest bit of tune out there.

Things to do in your last hour of flight

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I cant believe they cut me off from the drinks cart.

As many of you heard, there are new restrictions that have been placed on people traveling by air. Initially, the requirement was that passengers were required to sit in their seats without touching anything for the last hour.

Fortunately, the insanity of making millions of airline passengers sit on their hands for an hour overwhelmed the air travel industry and the TSA has now decided that these restrictions will be applied on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the flight crew. Presumably, this means that any time you are on a flight that has at least one non-white person, the flight crew will invoke their right to make your trip miserable.

6 Steps to a Filibuster-Proof Health Care Bill

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It's like Hollywood, but with bribes!As Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announces the US health care bill, we here at snewzbutton offer our solution for a filibuster-proof manner to get the public option into the US health system. This is an easily understandable fear, as there are undoubtedly a number of Republican Senators chomping at the bit to remake Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

Realistically, any filibuster is not likely to last forever, and even if the Republicans filibuster for a month, at the end the Democrats have the votes to pass the bill and that means that by Christmas, thousands of little boys and girls will get their chemo treatments that their little lives depend upon.

Cellphones in the Bathroom: Yay or Nastay?

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She's a secret dumper.I was recently in the bathroom at my job, and there was a poster on the wall giving advice to people who use their cellphones while on the toilet. The poster was produced and advertised a specific cell phone company (*cough* sprint *cough*), and gave such advice as hitting the mute button when flushing and offered suggestions for explaining the “strange background noise.” Ever since seeing this poster, I have been putting a great deal of thought on the issue, and feel that it is my civic duty to tell the world why I think the practice should be ceased.

9 reasons the Northwest pilots missed their destination

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airplaneThough we’ll never know for certain why the pilots missed their destination, through the power of conjection, we can come up with some real, scientifically sound theories as to why Northwest Flight 188 passed Minneapolis and kept going for 150 miles.

Adventures in Laziness – Dirty Dishes

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Look at that sink! It's useless!

When it comes to committing yourself to a simple maintenance act in order to improve your home’s hygiene level, dealing with plates, cups, knives, forks, and sporks after you’ve eaten is not an overly difficult task, particularly when you consider the overall health benefits to maintaining a clean home. Who wants to get some sort of crazy disease from a mold spore in their kitchen sink? I know these things seem to be really curable on House, but they’re not usually so pleasant.

But what is the cure? How can I save myself?


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A 6-year-old boy climbed into a balloon made by his father, a retired meteorologist, and let it loose, floating thousands of feet in the air.

It is currently unknown whether the child was actually in the balloon, or if he had simply let the balloon loose or worse, fallen out of the balloon as it ascended.

RE: The Spam Folder

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Yes. The spam you can eat. No, dummy. E-mail spam!People no longer need to be subject to the constant con-artistry that lives in their spam folders, but it is sometimes required to delve into the pile in order to retrieve a prized e-mail that may have been misdirected. Whether looking for a response from a beautiful girl, waiting for a message on an important banking matter, or any other occasion in which life itself may hinge upon a single e-mail, sometimes it just doesn’t come. Or it doesn’t seem to come.

She really liked me, though. I’m sure of it… maybe it went to my spam folder. It does happen. But what else is going on in there?