Fudge Puckington #1 – Dirty Little Secret

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Toothpaste for dinner: Rap 2033

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Catapult Fail

Jan 8th, 2009 | By | Category: comics, snewz, videos

Below is a video, which demonstrates a failure in the education system. There are a number of teens who don’t understand the correct workings of a catapult. A catapult uses tension to send projectiles a long distance. The best suited natural material for a catapult is wood, as there are countless fibers that increase in […]

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal Fun Fact

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My, how you’ve changed.

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Fudge Puckington

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I know you’re probably thinking that I may have more content than a Cockney box turtle speaking to a mysterious character in a plush leather chair, but so far, I don’t.